Quality Assurance

Meeting the industry’s - and our own - demanding standards.
We are ISO 9001:2015 registered, and we don’t rest when it comes to testing for quality. fischer customers benefit from our own demanding standards. All tubing undergoes extensive in-line dimensional checks, destructive testing, and Eddy current inspections. Additional material and weld integrity analysis is undertaken in our Quality department including microstructure evaluations, grain size determination, weld geometry, and metallography; tensile testing and reverse bend weld inspection. Quality control extends to the warehouse. We package, store, and ship customers’ products securely in a variety of ways in order to ensure their safe arrival. fischer bundles and packs its tubing in a space-efficient manner for your benefit and will tailor shipping packages to customer specification.

Quality Assurance

At fischer USA, all welds undergo in-line Eddy-current testing to ensure the integrity of the weld seams.

An ISO 9001:2015 registered company, fischer USA takes pride in their commitment to Quality. As stated in our Mission Statement "Quality is foremost in all our business activities". From the rigorous process of Supplier selection, to the Final Inspection of the Finished Goods, all personnel at fischer USA are dedicated to quality.

Not every company can meet the conditions and stringent standards implemented by the automotive industry, however, at fischer USA we not only meet, but exceed. Often chosen as an exclusive supplier to the Tier 2 automotive suppliers and an international supplier to numerous aftermarket automotive parts, the resolve to maintain a quality product & system is only surpassed by our resolve for continual improvement in both aspects.

From our in-line Eddy Current Testing, to destructive inspection and testing, such as tensile testing, I/O expansion inspection, and various other ASTM tests, fischer USA attempts (and often achieves) to simulate the rigorous process our customers apply to the tubing. These combined efforts virtually guarantee a consistent, quality product.