High Performance Manufacturing

Our tubing is made from slit stainless steel strip which is formed and welded on fully automated machinery, all of which was built by fischer personnel to our own exacting standards. The strip is shaped as it passes through several stages of rolling.

High Performance

The butting edges are welded together in a continuous process, using an advanced laser process. This method produces a high-quality weld seam.

The Laser Process

Amongst the few laser welding mills operating in North America, NINE of them are presently installed at fischer Canada's Waterloo plant. The laser process offers high new standards of weld integrity which results in an extremely high level of product quality. The laser's precision creates a very narrow weld (less than 1/32") and a greatly reduced heat-affected zone. The resulting tubing is more ductile, allowing for high degrees of bending, forming, flaring and expanding.

High Performance Image

The completed tubing is available in mill finish and cut into standard commercial lengths in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. In addition we offer a special cut-to-length service on our brehm cutter or laser cutter.